24.july – Exercise, Spirit, diet and photos right here online!

Howdy yo, welcome my homie-O

Are you on your way, or have you finally realized everything is right here and all you have to do, is remain?! Now what I mean by remain is simply, remain as the one aware of everything that comes and goes. Here and now there is a being in all you see, feel, experience. Actually you are able to experience changes, because what you are never change! Then when this is realized and understood, knowledge will sprout and you see everything is good. Expanding your way, sharing your truth is what gives life its beautiful loving attitude.

Know thyself, for everything else is hell. The self is all encompassing, cause it has no limits and has not to make any hazzel. The Self is a being, a mind, there are rules to follow. Only so you can give your joy without the struggle. Does it speak to you? Linda and Brian, we, are sharing tools for peaceful development. Check it out, at: www.peacefuldevelopment.wix.com/guide, www.twitter.com/peacefuldevelop and also on facebook as the page:  www.facebook.com/peacefuldevelopment. www.peacefuldevelopment.wordpress.com is a blog which shares our daily experiences having peace, joy and happiness in focus. Tools for this, can be things like, agreements to make, how to share a common purpose with your partner, etc… What is peace and joy, how do you share it and what about the influence of thoughts!?

Yep, here is your diet inspiration, your exercises and yes the ladys beautiful inspiring moment catcher, pictures.

Body diary – 24.july

The diet is simply given by ingredients, a whole month has a full nutritional package and the diet without any supplements.

Here is exercises performed today by Brian shot by “Linda the Moment Catcher”, share by WordPress.

That is all from here, please share if you are inspired.

Be free to ask questions for exercise, mindset and diet!! I’d love to answer your questions.

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