Body diary, 20.july – I accept nothing less than Joyfulness today!

Hi everyone, miallo, good evening, good night, good day, all I am saying is HEY!

Did you know, that the thought you start out the day with is influencing everything you see, experience and meet? Well the mind is the most powerful tool you have, it works 100%, when you ask for something that belongs to you in truth. Forget about materialistic things, forget about images. All I ask for is my given right: “I will accept, but joyfulness for today!”. This can be accomplished when truly recognized within. It is a switch of power in perception.

I am Spirit, all good things comes to me and what I give is what I receive.

So today, joy and happiness has been experienced, given and received! Woohoo what a wonderful being I am :D. Accepting my holiness and true sinlessness, makes it possible to perceive this in others. This is true Forgiveness a tool which only brings blessings and Love with it. Use it wisely and give it freely.

Yes then morning yoga where started up. Moving slower and more steady than ever. Focused and constantly assured of my perfection in being. Great feeling before, during and afterwards. Even managed to bake bread at the same time, recipe is in the mindmap. BEST BUNS EVER. 

Around midday, the core exercises were performed. Everything is going great! Amazed how well the mind and body functioning together now as a team! Positive, affirming and easy peasy! The tools work 😉

The spirit and happiness from today did not only affect my own perspective of life, also my girlfriend shine brighter than ever and gives her joy with ease. Be the miracle and your world will change, you deserve it! Here is your daily mindmap with exercises, diet and recipe for the best buns oh yes indeed!: Body Diary – 20.july

Hope to inspire and give advice for a way to healthy and peaceful life


0 I Am.

Homemade Buns from today, 20.july



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