Diet plan, exercises and mistakes. July.16 – 17 – 18 and 19.


welcome to a coach who simply is walking his talk. Also admitting his mistakes. Usually I write a body diary blog for each day with diet and exercises. Though now its been 3 days and here is the reason. Monday went fine, good with exercises and the diet was voilá! Tuesday well, exercises went somewhat off. Started the day with just breakfast, then exercises, eating again. Suddenly seeing my self on the bike going for crackers. 6km bike trip. Then instead of the afternoon yoga session, I switched it with a 500g crackers night added with 3 pieces of bread with marmalade. Talking about a sugar rush!! Sitting in couch sweating simply from eating OMG! First I do not recommend this method, but seriously what it taught me is this: The momentarily pleasure of eating crackers is nothing compared to the “nightmare” experiencing the sweating, hardened heart rate, unrestful sleep, a body so strained the day after that exercises felt like ruining it. Having thoughts about failing, not being good enough. All this crap, seriously;

I Am worthy of greatness!

I Am worthy of perfection and accomplishment!

I Am all mighty, Kind and Loving.

So with this reminder I make the decision which benefits me and everyone else. Eating as healthy as my current knowledge and keeping peace / joyfulness as my top priorities. Yes making mistakes is great, it helps recognizing what I am. So thank you for teaching me “crackers”. 😉  By the way, I have still reserved my yankies bar, guldbar chocolate and marzipan as treats AFTER completing the goal-setting. You can check them out in your left menu.

Today as the 19. July has been chosen as a relaxation day, which in turn means. Only sun salutes and 5 Tibetans for morning stretching and nothing else. 5 hours total on the plastic ball holding balance and playing with lego-technic. Weee, anyways here is the 3 days diet, exercises and thoughts + comments mindmaps:Body diary – 17 – 19.july oh and the: Body Diary 16.july

Thats all for now folks,

choose a wonderful life for your self, You are worth it!

0 I Am!



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