Emotional negativity – Exercise feels like weighing a TON!

Hi everyone,

Yep today I felt the negativity, anxiety, restlessness, anger, rage, blockages whatever it all went through. The awareness of this is great yes, though it also manifested through doubt, concerns and so on. My girlfriend here being the angle that she is, helped me through it. Opening up the mind and having a conscious look at it. 

Yes again its all thoughts and expressing feelings instead of letting them control you is beneficial for both parts. I learn and she learns. It gives me a possibility of opening up and show my weaknesses and she gets to feel the supportive. We talked about it, going through it all and then went out for exercises! 

Man! Huffff and honestly I started having difficulties managing the energies of emotions by the 3rd time of a fail in the jumping rope. Everything was like 10x more hard. The pain from the jumping rope hitting the skin, landing on the ground, the breathing. ARRRRGHHHH, but managed though to go on, an on! Then the exercises, again yes stiffness in the body, irritation and mind was overactive of yelling how everything was performed. The fun part looking on it, is that it does not correct the position, the mind simply complains about how it is! Sure indication you are looking from judgement and not really experiencing what is here and now! 

It all ended up with accomplishing the exercise, but a consequence is to not do the yoga! Which is because I acted my complaining out. So this is my lesson for today! 

Here are the tools for the mind which I use to overcome, discern these thoughts and emotions:

  • I am not a body – I am spirit (helps with body concerns and judgment)
  • I am not feeling joyful, therefore I must be mistaken about this (helps with gaining presence and awareness of now. And opening up the mind to receive an answer for truth)
  • This needs not to be, let me change my mind about this. I choose differently
  • Let me me not be afraid of Love today
  • I alone must rule my mind

All these saying helps you to recognize your power and opens up your mind to receive an answer to your judgments

Hope it can benefit you as it benefits me.

Thank you for now.

0 I Am



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