Your Input of daily exercises and diet! With recipes and pictures.

Hi and welcome to your daily update of exercises and diets,


Yes all tasks today accomplished with exercises. Beautiful morning yoga, stretching and expanding. Starting to feel some soreness now in the hips and the lower back. Possible because the back bends are increased. Yeah just do it and feel it. The exercises for today is mainly concentrated on stamina and core muscles. Here is the mindmap with it all: Daily Body Diary – 14.july.


For my current experience, when I reach a certain level. Level in cognitive exercises, in energy, performance in exercises. Now I can redo it almost at any time! Learning is fast and the muscles memory working like a charm!

How is it for you to read the mindmap? Is it good enough for giving a picture and idea of what is the direction in it? For what exercises to do etc. If not please let me know, ill describe it more detailed.

Today’s pictures of diet and body progress:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No I have not pooped my pants, it was simply wet outside 😉 This body is composed by organic vegetables and a vegetarian diet.

Hope to inspire and motivate you into getting in your best shape!

with love and being,

0 I Am.


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