Daily input of diet and exercises


The daily update of diet and exercise, here is your mindmap: Body diary 13.july

The “mind” tricked me today,when going on the bike for shopping. On the way to the shopping center, I felt an ease, a flow and a speed way higher then usually. Starting to enjoy this comparison with the present and the past. The “mind” congratulates on behalf of all the exercise finally showing some results. Yes yes, getting happy again on a trick! The way back everything cleared up, the WIND, which I had no notice of going off, was surprisingly blowing in the opposite direction. So yes, all that happened before was a little push of the wind. Anyways instead of reacting to the next step of the mind trick, saying: “oh it really does not help, your exercise. Nothing has changed. You are weak…etc”. I just remained as the presence of what I am experiencing and here is peace and happiness!

Let go of your judgment of how you want it to be, and let be what is! You can still practice and give your self the ability to feel it, though now without any noise from the mind chatter!

Yes, I will go as far as to say, meditation is not only sitting in lotus pose or chanting “AUM”. Meditation is in every action and moment you experience! Contemplate this.

Do you see it as possible or even realistic to be in a conscious, meditative state of mind during your whole daily life?

If so, would you like to!?

I am open for this, let me hear your voice on the subject. Thank you for now.

0 I Am.



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