Daily Input of Diet and Exercises – Conscious Exercise!



Are you sitting with a straight back? Are you aware of your body’s position, your breath and where your attention goes? If not, probably conscious exercise will benefit you in your every day life! What it will benefit? erhm everything 😉 Yes that’s right everything. When exercising consciousness, what this means is simply, know what you are and act from this point. In other words, here is what it means to me, I am Love, I am the one aware of everything that happens in my life. That can be thoughts, feelings, actions and body sensations. Also peace and happiness is happening in what I am.

To practice this consciousness, is to recognize my love for what I do, what I make, what I create. Always remain in this state while carrying out the action. So in exercising the body, here I love to feel, to challenge the body to work together with it. Here is my “guidelines” for when I am consciously working with the body, for instance when running. The body needs to breathe while running and move the feet, legs, arms and remain in a good posture for this movement. First I know that deep and slow breathing is the most efficient way to absorb oxygen and expel CO2. This happens by breathing through the nose. Next is the movement of the body, feeling how to work with mother earth in touching the ground and bounce off. Here trust plays a key role and that the next step will manifest and keep you on track. Feel then inside how this movement flows and work it from here. If emotions like anger or anxiety comes up, I recognize this as indicators that either I am pushing myself without feeling it or I have judge myself as being weak, limited, fragile etc. Notice this and remind me again of what I am. Recognize my love and purpose of what I am doing. This method accomplishes the shift from doing something to being something! You are actually being your movements and wauw what a sensation. Like everything that happens is one and then it all blends together!

Why do I suggest this method? Well first it helps avoiding injuries. All movements starts by being carried out slowly and in a tempo which you can sense and feel. Same time it can help you in everything else then just the running or what ever exercise it is your practicing. It gives you the power over the mind and body, by recognizing that you are the master! This is beneficial in all areas, as mind no longer can push you around. Making you feel “bad” or “small”. You know what you are, what you love and this will be carried out! Nothing can stop you.

To compare it with my “old” times as a bodybuilder. There I wanted the body to look like an image. I worked hard and felt pain, neglecting my feelings. Experience rage, anger and stuffed all kinds of supplements and foods to make the body grow. I felt small if I did not exercise, I felt weak after just 1 week without exercise. All my confidence was put into the image! This makes mind temporarily master over I am and the body. It then pushed me around, comparing with other bodies. Trying to feel good or sometimes bad. Honestly this just sucks, even when I got the “perfect” body as I wanted and looked for. Then new things came up that I need to pursue to feel good. This is opposite of conscious  exercise. As consciousness and exercising / practicing I already love my self, body and mind as it is! I love how I can do things! I feel every moment of it and enjoy it to the fullest. I learn everyday, every moment and every second. I get better in my practice and it has become much more stable and balanced. The consistency is without effort though sometimes old habits come by, mind chattering and judging but is quickly recognized!

Back to today!

Wauw what a beautiful day of exercises. The yoga of  The Ultimate Freedom by B.K.S. Iyengar w. anandamarga was performed slowly, with deep breaths and the feeling of stretching, expansion was immense! Mind focused and still at the same time. The whole session lasted for 3 hours with warm up and all of the asanas. Afterward I noticed the body moves slower though more efficient! Then with the exercise today, at one point I felt it like the whole earth where supporting my push with the kettle bell. Instead of the ground feeling hard, it supported my actions, as in being one with it. ERhm wooohooo! It feels great 😀

here is the daily exercise program, diet and a new thing is added for those of you, who also have interest in how to increase the size of the look of the muscles. My girlfriend and I are testing out a method of tightening up all the muscles after each set of exercise. More of that in the mindmap of how and what idea I see is behind it. Daily BOdy diary-12.jul. 

Life is great, when you know what you are!

0 I Am.




















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