Your Daily input of exercises, diet and contemplation

Hi everyone,

Here is brought to you the daily input of the body diary: Daily Body Diary

Inside the map, you will find. Names of exercises performed today, ingredients for the diet, and some timings on when to eat. Included also is some thoughts and comments of the experiences of these exercises.

Look into the map and see how you can learn from your anger. How easily you can misunderstand the situation, especially when intensity is high! Conscious workout, breathing under control and calm mind is the way to go! Ah yeah and all exercises today was performed outside in heavy rain. My girlfriend and I questioned it first how it would feel and be. Going out first its cold then you get used to it, then you start to enjoy and there you are. Loving rain, loving to feel drops on the skin.

As some just get wet others feel the rain!

Thats all for now folks, back to 100 breaths meditation before going to bed.

and remember, eat organic, eat slow and feel your own worth! This is necessary to recognize it in your friends and everyone you know!

Love and Faith

0 I Am.



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