Body Diary – Pain body experience!

Hello my fellow reader,


Yes a day we here call “relaxation” / “rest” day. Started the morning out with a yoga routine for about 45 minutes. That’s all for today 😉

Experiencing the pain body and some aching in the chest, upper back and neck. The legs are sore and stiff. It vitalizes with the morning session. Also just observing and feeling what is in the body now and how the energy blockages moves around and healing it self. No effort is needed and trying to fix it helps nothing but a shortage of pain “relief” the tension comes right back until I let go and let my self feel what is.

Here is the body diary for today with exercises, explanations, pictures and what diet there is today:

July 10 Body diary


Check it out, hope you get inspired.

Yes and now we give an massage for the lady. Which reminds me, self massage is an area with great benefits. Gotta bring that about in this week!! Give yourself a new body with a self – massage, important it is a self-massage!!

thank you for now.

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