Daily update of body diary – total of 6 hours of exercise – 9.july

Hi everyone,

A day with movement and challenges for the body and mind. The yoga first going slow for 2 hours, just to get ready for the next strengthening exercises. Yes, performance in the strengthening was lower compared to last time, but managed and it feels great! Then switching to a 11km walk with a paste around 4.5km pr hour.

Changes is happening fast and with consistent rooting in the awareness and consciousness of it all. Appreciation of results and experiences is the challenge in order to be here and now!

Here is the diet and exercises for today gathered in a mindmap to motivate you. Results come with you follow up on your goals:

Body diary – 9.july


As for the diet and exercises, a question you might ask yourself is: “Does he know exactly what to eat and do?” answer here is, I have no idea, though I am doing my best and this is what my knowledge can bring up so far.

I am experiencing results and body is healthier then ever. Peace surrounds me and love comes in small but noticeable dozes đŸ˜‰ Yes I love to live and it feels great!!

Thank you for now,

0 I Am.


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