Decision – Life – Love

Yes hello to you,

this is your daily information and update on a diet for health and we have caught another habit.

Tonight I ate candy and yes it brings tension! Period. I experience tension in ligaments, unconscious actions. Even laying down is a struggle. Is the taste worth it? Well, as long as the goals which are put up in this blog is not yet achieved yet here is my promise to you my readers and me.

So I have asked for truth, and many possibilities have opened up for me, to gain health, intuition, healing gifts and insights to help healing mother earth. This is possible through trusting in the ways of the cycles here on Earth. Heaven is of the mind, peace is experienced and taught by the Self and here on earth we manifest and share it! 

No candy nor meat until goals of peace and happiness in all aspects are achieved! The decision is made!

Live today, do what you say! – What is your goal? Who do you worship, life or death? Love or fear?

In common purpose is our strength unlimited.

here is a link about decision which brings a clear idea of decision:

0 I Am.


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