An observation of Now –


welcome to an observation of now.

I am here, I feel; sitting on a couch, breath flows, chest stretches, again a breath, tension in face, relaxation, feet are firmly on the floor, energy flowing in the body. Moving toes and a little smile from writing it down. A burp, release of air. Small touches, sounds coming from hitting the keyboard. Each movement is carried out with a subtle current of, hmm, curiousity, joy and the underlying tone is peace. Its like the fingers move by them selves and that I am “doing” is witnessing and observing. Yes and paying attention to what goes around in this physical realms. Attention to mind just happend. Thoughts of, has anyone wrote on facebook, eyes moved up to check. No. Fast recognizing again mind though and pull made me do “un”conscious action. As for now I have decided to write what I currently experience here and now. Yes the airflow from the kitchen is loud, cause the lentils are boiling. My girlfriend sitting next to me, checking out photos from our trip to the beach. Tension starts in the shoulders, they are shrucking, deciding to let go and notice breathing. A burning sensation underneath the feet, lifting them and repositioning then straighten up the back. Heartbeating, the weather outside looking at the trees is calm and still. Well thats it.

Be here and now, there are no ordinary moments!

I am grateful to experience life and having the possibility to recognize what I am in everything.

Peace –

0 I Am.


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