Body Diary is back on! – with pictures

Hello there,

yes lets bring the diary for body and natural mind back on. It seemed foolish to stop it just when all the results starts to show up. All the benefits of this consistent effort of keeping the routines and a strong discipline of mind to go through, what really feels good and healthy!

Today just click the mindmap here and get an idea of what it had to offer! Body Development Diary (2)

Photos shows relaxed stands and tightening!

Here is also the map for the newest measurements and body pictures: Body measurement

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The progress has started. The body development in looks and appearance is just started, but of second priority!. My girlfriend has made the next monthly program to give and test my abilities out, also exercises in growing the muscles. Which simply is to tighten them up for a duration of 10 seconds and then relax again. Its gonna be funny to see if this gives and thing. For me I like the way the body works. It works for me and I work with it. Together we have fun and can share it with everyone else. Confidence lies 100% in the soul and with God. Body is merely a tool to play, learn and have fun with.

Live life and have fun all the way.

I am –


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