As a Coach walking his talk. Erhm….admitting mistakes…GRRR!

Hello my fellow reader,

Today is the day! Where mistakes of a magnitude out of proportion has been made. Ah you know how I am, its all fun and the rest of guilt is a scam. Though a great indicator to act more wisely and considerate. Oh by the way, I also experience EMOTIONS!Image

So we started out by putting the lovely homemade ryebreads in the oven to give fresh baked morning breakfast. Yes, starting out meanwhile with the sun salutes and 5 Tibetans, finishing off with a couple of Trikon-asanas. The bread smell started to fill the house. MMM…. BLACK BREAD! yes burned and not done in the middle. No fresh bread today, and another mis-step following those “grrr” recipe’s. 2kg bread now please do you have an idea of what to do with it?? I’m open for suggestions.

Then the mail, ouch, a dept from my bank. Can I pay now? Nope, gotta make an agreement. Lesson? How to bring about a happy mood for those collectors, what a hard time they can have.

Yes out in the garden and do the exercises, timing for the run? The same as the last 2 months. Okay next the kettle  bells, well follow up on this performance in the mindmap here: Body Diary 3-juli

Following exercise usually suggested by diet”experts” they say eat right away. At least within 30 minutes. Well, for me, this results in bloated stomach and hurried eating. I like to eat slow and at peace. So yes as protein is good for the muscles after a workout. Eat some nuts after the workout with an apricot. Though let yourself have a shower and a good 10 minutes meditation before!

Turning vegetarian for about 1 year ago, testing the first 6 months seems as a way with no turning back. For today and the experience of eating meat the last 3 days all kinds of emotional blockages and anxiety, tension and hesitation is on the daily basis. Forget it, I like my straight forward way now and will stick by it. Mistakes are the best teachers, when you give yourself time to recognize and accept them.

Live life and go, do it your way!

Thats the spirit and life long teaching for everyone’s happy day!

0 I AM


Tomorrow will be with only Yoga and minimum of eating to regain maximum awareness of body and senses. Calming the mind with 2 hours meditation. Satsang with Mooji and contemplation of life. Sometimes doing nothing at all, discern everything of the external world, will make you so certain of what you really would like to do – AND JUST THAT!

I love –


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