Experience of eating sugar and candy

Hi everyone,

So this weekend we got a package containing candy, licorice and chocolate sticks wrapped around licorice! Some of the best Icelandic candy you can get your taste buds on. And sure did I dig in. Eating though at evening after the good foods, a full bowl of candy. Oh that bowl was for two 😉 The day after I followed up by eating some chocolate sticks in the day time, having randomly some cookies and a little licorice. So here goes the experience of eating this:

First the taste buds and smell got diminished. More confusion started to strike. The sense of presence and calmness got switched with the fuzzy and fastened heartbeat of the sugar. Sudden mood swings and a constant uncomfortable feeling stayed. Energy levels dropped and performance in all actions just went down a few notches. Also the pure mind suddenly started to blame things for this experience instead of the actual fact. I CHOOSE TO EAT CANDY – please accept consequences for my actions. At least that helps me learn. It felt like the attention was a little bit forwarded and unstable for what is here and now. Lawn the grass I pushed more the machine than actual just walking with it. Struggles of simple things started to show up. Seriously I am not kidding here, usually I have peace and happiness in my daily life and surely this peace got disturbed by my choice for candy. I started craving for more food, eating more food and the taste of the food was even less…

So lets rehab here, why does this disturbance of eating candy? 

Contemplation of thought and actions. Learning from lesson:

1. The purpose? Eating candy only gives something to a body sensation. It merely gives a taste and a tinkling feeling. AND, the tinkling feeling is not new, no no, you know this feeling very well.

2. Smelling to the candy nothing in me told and said, this is good for you, quite the contrary. So the eating of candy was merely based upon past experiences of what I thought was good. For now, which is where I live, it brings me nothing that I want. 

3. I am glad I can choose to try out things, accept the consequences and learn from them. Will this mean I never will eat candy again? No, but trusting my senses and feelings right now is where my value lies! Comparison of results of the past brings me nothing. I am here now, I trust my worth and intuitive guidance.

4. Walking the talk, I have put Happiness, Freedom and Peace as my goals. This is the content of which I am build and my actions will become aligned with these goals! 


Thank you for reading, remember that what you put into the body is your choice! 

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