Challenge and freedom for you!

Hi everyone,

Here is how the challenge plays out. You pick a day of your choice and time and then the rules of that day is as follows:


  1. Before you do something be certain and concrete of the goal of which you are to accomplish. Define your goal
  2. Only speak of what you are certain about. Not certain? do not speak. Certainty arises from having experience of it. Reading about something does not count, studied something but not carried it out, does not count. Be CERTAIN!
  3. Ask yourself as many times as necessary: What do I want? 

This is the 3 rules for that day. Well, I am up for it tomorrow. See how it goes in the next blog.

Live life and play with it as you like! Keep the values close to you and protect them with all your might and will. 

Protection is not the same as the need of defenses and attack. Merely a reminding of and remembering!

C – U –

I am.Image

Ps. I made a mistake with stopping the diary blog before any serious results. starting up next week again! 


One thought on “Challenge and freedom for you!

  1. Okay so far today, the experiencing started out great: Morning yoga, delicious breakfast. Going out shopping for food this month and all that went great. Coming home to the house, suddenly everything turned around. Half missed a webinar, lumosity games went down, feeling heavy headed and confusion stroke. Eating more than necessary and lack of self-discipline and mind chatter becoming a menace. So healthy questions pops up, what the hell is happening? I must have seen a lack in my Self in order to feel unworthy of full peace and happiness. What lack? Well does not matter, the important thing is to remind yourself that this experience needs not to be. I will accept the atonement for my self and adjust accordingly. Mistakes are merely misunderstandings as far as I know, and mistakes can be corrected. I decide again about what it is that I want. What do I want? Peace and Happiness.

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