Daily body diary blog 24.june. The end of body diary.

Miallo, Yep the daily diet upload is about to finish tonight. Daily blogging of what has been digested, worked out, ideas and exercises. This today will be that last post regarding the daily life as a diary posts. From here on, we start out with a selected diet and with exercises more focused towards the goals that is put up. I hope you all have had a great time and gained some inspiration from this work. Personally I am amazed of how unconscious one can be of simple things, while doing the diary changes and progress, gratitude has come up as benefits hereof. Also certainty is a by-product from blogging and keeping a diary. For today the exercises is just yoga for 1½ hours. The explosive exercises as “planned” went on for tomorrow instead.

There is still some work in the disciplining of doing exercises everyday. The body needs to adjust slowly to the increased workout to maintain the conscious effort which is the purpose of it all! Here is the daily diet and exercise map:  Body Diary 24.june

The next topic for the blog will be disciplining exercises. Both for me, dog and my girlfriend. Simply its about doing what we say we want to do. The words and action will carry more power when realized. Peace and Happiness is the goal of the disciplining so its not to put ourselves down, quite the opposite! 😀

Goals which is up for now is:

  • daily yoga and exercises
  • daily meditation 30 min
  • sleeping at 9:30 pm
  • daily work on website – deadline at 24.juli
  • Explore how to build community Garden and spare resources with each other.
  • daily cognitive exercises
  • daily blogging for you!

That is all for now folks. Lets do it! –

Got Purpose!?

0 I Am-


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