Body Diary – 23.june

Hi you!

23. june is a day of the solstice where we celebrate erhm the longest day here on earth. Then the community here where we live, puts up a big fire and possibilities for grilling and having tea afterwards. Here we decided to have our own dinner with vegetables and lentils. Brought it with us and ate it 😉 We had a taste of the cake they made, cleverly “camouflaged” with a strawberry on top of each piece. It “must” be somewhat healthy then right? Well to my surprise, smelling the cake gave nothing more than a buzzing feeling in the tophead. Eating the cake it taste of sweetening, sugar and consistency was soft. Body senses gave nothing but again a buzzing feeling. Coming back home and having homemade bread with cheese now that is worthwhile.

Anyhow, the point here to try out the cake and feel is to discern the difference between, FEARING the cake for its ingredients, or to respect your decisions enough to actually try out if it all holds up. Yes it was confirmed last night. Looks and contents deceive. Trust your gut and feelings, when they have been set for the purpose of health and prosperity is my way. Intuition can be trusted fully, mind can be feared when misunderstood of its origin, but now learned the lesson of respecting it instead!

For the daily exercises, breathing this week has been the major focus. While many of us would increase our breathing while exercising, here I focus on having slow and long deep breaths. Have you ever seen “The Matrix”? In this movie, they actually mention the same thing, in their construct program for Neo. While he practices his martial arts, Morpheus asks him:”Do you think it is air your breathing now? Hmm….”. Check out the link here for this movie clip: Matrix Scene. Its similar to this idea and concept. The experience is by far the most challenging, while keeping a steady paste with the breath, also the repetitions and movement of the body, is kept in full focus and awareness. For example during push ups, 1 breath, 2 – 3 repetition can be carried out. The awareness for me, of all these parts working, out of synchronization, is very fascinating. Especially in these “heavy” , “strengthening” exercises. I can recommend this method also for learning, reading, mind calming, sex, eating.. etc.

Here is the daily diet and exercises.Body Diary 22.june

After today’s exercise, a new energized and relaxing feeling was experienced. Yes! Consistency and dedication will bring its fruits. Being a happy learner has and is transforming my life as we speak. Still there is areas which require attention and practice, but doing with this open and honest attitude is a mere blessing for me. I thank him in me who brings this vision to life. Thank you.


Thats all for now folks. Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions for anything. Lets expand the full potential of our being, using body, mind and soul as learning tools. Guidance is of peace and happiness. Love as its Source 😉


0 I Am!


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