Body Diary – Strength exercises on the breath!

Miallo to you!

Here is the update with the daily diet and exercise program. Today’s focus in exercises has been on breaths. Example 250 Breaths of jumping rope, 10 breaths chin ups and so on. This really pushed me to the limit in my strengthening exercises, while completing a far higher numbers of repetitions than usual! Also maintaining a full awareness of the surroundings while completing exercises is a new deal for me. Especially mind chatter and breathing is the challenge.

The challenge is hereby accepted and again, let us remain as the mere awareness of it all and let the body and mind work for us from this perspective! Nothing is right nor wrong, it simply is like this and feels to put it out right: MIND BLOWING.

I guess that is a practice 😉 Instead of the “Ultimate Freedom Yoga” session today, I suggested for my girlfriend to do some postures for pregnancy. So that is the asanas we practiced tonight.

Here is the mindmap with the exercises and diet: body diary 21.june

Ps. Diet includes a new recipe for bread with banana and raisins. There is no suggestions for what amounts to put in, feel free to ask. I like myself to try out intuitively what comes to me, and this gives the best bread and experience!



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