Daily body Diary – Have your diet ever played tricks on you?


So yesterday, I enjoyed some “great” popcorn and surely again the mixture of heating oils and butter on the pan gave exactly same results as the last time. Stomach bloated, burps with the gassy smell like farts and diarrhea.

“Almost” in practice from last time, diet went strictly to normal breakfast, bread with a couple of veggies. Ending the day of with yogurt mixed with banana and crackers! Everything feels like its all good for tomorrow. Even though an irritated digestive system, exercises, cleaning and being there for my friends and loving girl went with ease! I still sense the effects of smoking yesterday, as for my awareness and presence is diminished. Its all good  and I work through it. I experience a longer response from an initial thought of action until it is carried out and more mind chatter. Which means my attention is easily distracted, we will work through this by disciplining through cleaning the whole house and meditation for 30 min minimum a day.

For this week, I do something called www.UltimateYouMindfest.com. It works with paraliminal  messages, where you put on headphones and then listen to a guy who speaks as if he is your own inner dialogue. The preparation is also set and you rehearse to state your goals and desires before the paraliminal. The week has just started and the themes are stated below. Sessions are about 45 minutes each.

  1. Becoming the Ultimate You – Super Charger
  2. Succeed by Design – Eliminate Procrastination and Hesitation
  3. Activate Your Automatic Pilot – Vaporize negative self-talk and self-sabotage
  4. Believe in Yourself – Whisk away limiting habits of mind
  5. Follow Through with Unwavering Consistency – Hard-wire inner drive and amazing self-discipline
  6. Feel Great About Yourself – Remove the negative influences of other people
  7. Open the Flow of Prosperity – Use the immense power of your mind to attract what you choose

As for now, I have recently gained access to the first 3 in the 7 days session. When you join, you will gain access to the same 3 and then 1 session extra a day. Yes its free to try it out. He uses a method of right versus left brain concentrate talking. For example, right brain which works in the present moment, he talks directly to:”You do feel good, right now you have unlimited potential” and the left brain he talks to as more rational and specific goal oriented. Putting it into its right place as a machine and giving the right brain its security to feel and be safe right here and now!

For me, this has given a confidence boost of my own meditation sessions and a way to start recognizing what voice actually allows you to be here and now. Has I experienced any results as yet, no and yes, but not enough in order to conclude its because of the paraliminal. Yes its great practice to feel into the body and relax!

Here is the exercises and diet for today, this diet is merely when stomach needs some rest after testing “new” or “old” foods out:Body Diary 19.june

Be spontaneous – JUST DO IT

0 I Am.


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