A day of experiences with a natural mind

Hi everyone, Yep great day as always. Silence and actions carried out in a sense so strong, nothing would ever go wrong. The idea of just doing my best, with everything leaving everything aside, except for the right here and now! Setup the goals, direct the mind and the action while keeping peace and happiness with on the ride :D. I practice walk, talk, sitting, posture, eating, breathing yes also the way of writing here on this site. To accomplish being the master of the mind, disciplining and effort is required as long as you experience time. The tasks for today has been:

  1. Taking out trash
  2. Cleaning Floors, washing them all – timed it just for fun – 1 hour 20 minutes
  3. Having a discussion with my girlfriend, apparently I have been mis-teaching for a while in the way of asking if one knows of a concept and then leave it to my own judgement if they knew it or not. This has been learned today through an open mind and recognizing anger as the trigger that something here is misunderstood
  4. Yoga for about 2 hours – The ultimate freedom
  5. Eating with sticks, this goes slow one small chump at a time
  6. Meditation with paraliminal messages from www.ultimateyoumindfest.com
  7. Jumping Rope for 10 minutes – focus on the counts of breath now, about 5 – 6 jumps for each breath. Core exercises.

The whole experience and awareness of the day is great, mind chatter has been there, but discernment and alertness of its occurrence is strong. This helps automatically to keep the mind clean and fresh. Exercises are becoming more of an effortless accomplishment and really gives good feelings and happiness 😀 Being joyful and trust that the actions which is undertaken during your day is beneficial for you and everyone else is a great reminder! Here is today’s diet and exercises.  Body Diary 20.june

Thank you for now.

/ 0 I Am –


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