Accept nothing less from your self than MASTERY!

Hi everyone,

As for today, the choice of mediocre, normal and “okay” action and deliberate, beautiful and perfected action has been given. So in remembrance of what I am, how important and of the loving kindness I am made, I shall choose nothing less than the certainty that I the my absolutely BEST!

We all want to be at peace, free and experience Joy. Well to recognize true joy in the form of giving and in spirit, effort can be asked for at first. Discipline in the manner of consistency and discernment of ignorance is beneficial for everyone! Keep your temple clean and open. Sooner than you think, everything that needed effort will be as easy as when you blink!

Yes even cleaning asks your full attention. Yes open your windows and let the wind do its thing 😉 Work with life and co-create from within.

First lesson of the spirit:

To have all, Give all to ALL!

With Love,

0 I Am –


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