Your Natural Mind Input!

Hello my fellow being and reader!

Sitting and contemplating the western economic situation, education system and what foundation it is build upon. First example that comes to mind is the idea the “society” has about education. So many times I have heard the sentence: “You’re really smart, you can become a good doctor someday” Or “You should go to university, there you could become a good engineer”. 

STOOOOOOOOOOOP! What a shit load of wannabe compliments! – nothing personal and yes I will let my Self elaborate upon this!

Where is this un-reasonable thinking heading? Instead of seeing real potential and give the curiosity upon what a person and being are capable of accomplishing right here and right now. We look towards some “mental image” learned from a society to state in what box this person will fit into. Rubbish! This idea builds upon the simple judgement, you are not complete as you are now, but “I” have a suggestion so you can be complete! 

Lets play the game my way instead. Look at what is here and now! Learn to recognize what is, and then build upon this certain foundation. The idea that you need to learn a lot of things in order to function in the society is a mere scam and illusion. Its a good laugh, in 5 years you are ready to give back.

You ARE already functioning in the society, with your very being. You are already complete and a master of the things you do. Accept your reality as it is and find the potential which lies within. The potential to recognize love, give love, live and share from this unconditional and complete place. 

You are complete, You are the Master! You cannot change what you are, here lies your safety and the promise we all share with one another!

Why is it we so rarely hear: “You are perfect just like you are!” or “That idea you share here is genius lets work together about it”? Instead we hear this: “Are you sure this is a good idea, what is your background, do you have any education in this?”, or “Without an education no one will listen to you, you need to follow the rules, or else!?” I say simply this, its crap, mind judgement and wauw it plays small! Let it go.

Give your Self the time to really discover what you are! 

Accept nothing else for yourself than freedom and unlimited potential.

Yes, agree, it is a practice to undo all this conditioning. But even the idea of undoing is merely an illusion and  the correction will happen by it Self. All that is required is your acceptance of a guide which is open and alive! 

How can we recognize our Natural Mind?

Could the purpose be, to See what we all have and share? For all I know is, somehow I DO CARE. Both about you, me and that “stranger” over there. 

0 I Am the Truth




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