Be the Change You Want to See

Miallo everyone,

Today, I will share with you some of the reasons and insights of why and how I as an individual can change the world!

For so long, the idea of success, clothing, materials and the sweet comfort of party’s, friends admiring you, wanting to be like you and be with you. For all where you only see the facade of all what you do and bring action into. There is a surface of where it all arises from. I, as the “person” Brian has gone through all of this. Survival and making it big on the behalf of others. The behalf of others where in very subtle ways disguised and in the beginning hard to recognize.

As we move along in this so-called western society. We are brought of to believe what we are told instead of what the actuality is presenting. So what do I mean by this statement? It’s very simple, the today’s mainstream media, politicians says:” In order to make a change, vote on Me!” Well to tell you the plain truth, it ain’t so! Laws and regulations is not making a change, in fact, it has brought more people to jail, created a sense of insecurity and creates this habit of simply carrying out the orders from “above”.

Here is my truth and what I see as the simple reality where “YOU” as a being has the power to make a change. Yes its vital to spread the message and go viral. Yes it is important to bring awareness upon healthy living. You cannot force health, you can show and be health and let the truth encourage others this way.

BUT! It aint enough simply talking a way. Or say HOW things should be done. Nor correcting those, who you see, as not following the way. Simply be the way. Show your power to say: “No thank you” to what you do not support. Have faith in people! To change is to choose each step consciously towards a goal. If you like to experience love and harmony, choose the goals which benefits the whole and having the goals of peace and happiness as common grounds. I know not one being, which doesn’t want to be happy at the end of the day. So I call to you:

DO IT and live it! I AM THE TRUTH is what I say. I am the way and life it Self. Well, sure as what I am, this is my conscious decision EVERYDAY! This power lies within you! Suddenly you’ll see, love IS YOU!

So where to start all of this you might ask? Well first of all. Make a choice to start recognizing your self! Know thy self. Start recognizing what makes you feel happy and alive! Not just for a short piece of chocolate or a fun trip in the park. But really choose in each moment of your life to bring trust, appreciation  grace and kindness. Small conscious choices towards one goal is all it takes to start experiencing peace and Love. First step for me, was to choose a healthy lifestyle and care for this body, the ability to experience love as what I am. Even in the world of separation is love recognized and given freely every day. But you can’t see it, unless you will.

The world works opposite of most people’s picture of it: In order to keep joy, waiting till joy comes to you, makes you powerless. Instead create joy, without compromise and more importantly SHARE IT! By sharing you give and expand yourself. Accept nothing less than true freedom. Freedom of mind, while simultaneously letting in the abundance of joy and happiness that surrounds you everyday, is just as important as to share it! Actually that is a part of sharing, to receive and feel. Let love in it’s a win/win ;).

Overall we do have different perspectives on how to give and share love. Thank GOD! The world is therefore full of creativity and varieties in the manifestation of life.

Here is your inspiration, beautiful expressed by Alan Watts, for getting in touch with the sparks and sunshine you have inside:

Thank you for now,

0 I Am the Truth



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