Relaxation and simple being!


oh and hey there, here and everywhere! 😉

This day of all days, is to keep it simple. A couple of sun salutes, a little breakfast, A walk here and a meeting with my father there. The moments felt like eternity and the day glimpsed by. Peace is here, I am free. To move in life without a plan, simply knowing there is no tomorrow. There actually came a needy feeling experienced like: “I need to exercise, at least the yoga, ultimate freedom.” Here being present is the key to discern when this needy feeling comes up. Its rooted in lack of, body issues etc. As long as the choice for love and fear is seemingly here, love is recognized by abundance, happiness and there is no need! 

Simply be your Self, it helps both you and me! Here is a link to Mooji for inspiration of self-inquiry and satsang:

May you all rest in peace!

0 I Am – 


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