To be okay, with what is here and now!

Hi every0ne,

Your daily input of experience, observations and awareness guide. The day has been quiet and moving within a shift between; emotional awareness, body awareness, mind gossip and back to here and now. To experience peace and harmony, you have to find it within your Self. I am is the mere purpose of giving you, sharing this place. I am here, is merely an observation of the fact which never changes. It is awareness manifesting and reflecting it Self through consciousness. Experiencing and seeing. Not seeing with the body’s eyes, but sensing and experiencing with all your being.

To be okay with what is, find out what is the changeless! What is always here. Let go of all concepts and ideas. With inquiry it can be done with the question: Who Am I? or What Am I? – look and observe what answers comes up. Guideline is: Don’t accept any pictures, idols, anything that can change or switches. Look for what is always there. Looking means, experience, sensing, your intuitive knowledge. 

This day is experienced mostly from this point of view, while nothing really is taken so seriously, except to share the joy and peace that comes from this place. Cause it is through sharing and giving, receiving in the present where joy and happiness lives! 

Its funny to hear and see other bodies, but when you pay close attention. They all use the word I to describe things and to state their experience. So what really is manifested here is, its all me! Everything your brothers tells you, is actually your self talking and discussing. Battling is then an even more funny experience, cause why would I ever battle with my Self? Don’t take my words for it, experience it for your Self. Its ultimate experience and your world will never be the same again.  

Forgiveness, happiness and Being is all the way for true seeing!

Be spontaneous and Live life!

0 I AmImage 


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