Right NOW! – mind discernment – Let me inspire you!

Hi every0ne!

So here we are, sitting in the couch after a 16km ride on the bike. Yep, the girl is pregnant, she wanted some cookies and also groceries to make pizza. How can I say no? Wait – I CAN’T! Now back from the trip, had a great midday meal with salad, seeds and oils. yummi – check the recipes out in the next body diary blog post for today.

Right now, sitting and writing because mind started to “think” about how the exercises is going to be. Why? Because for some reasons, unknown to awareness” but very concerning for “ego” is the raining and cold weather the exercise is going to take place in. Yes its strong rain and a cold wind outside today, the “thought” of waiting for another day to exercise has crossed the mind. Simply put “no thank you”. The experience of working out in rain and wind is part of the experience! 

Well mind can sometime try to trick us, by creating vivid pictures of how this or that, would feel to the body. In reality it knows absolutely nothing about it. Thoughts which origin from fear based feelings are simply illusions. Lets just do it and find out – an hour till we step into next arena of exercises. Rain, jumping rope and 300’s. It is going to be wet! – and fun to roll in the grass!

Here is a picture of the garden and weather.Image

Thank you for dropping by,

Remember: “You are the Master”


0 I Am the Truth



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