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Where am I? I am here! What time is it? It is now! Are we ready, I am –

Today’s focus has been on the joy and grace. The weather has been rainy, cloudy and cold. Started the morning out with a couple of yoga moves. The movements are becoming more smoothly and breathing is relaxed while mind is calm. Gracefully making each stand and feeling its energetic movement through the body. Then preparing some breakfast for us. Carefully slicing apples, boiling oats, mixing it as if this is the first time ever. Cause actually it IS the first time ever today!

Later a decision came up, for shopping grocery. Take the bus or take the bike out. Before bus was only option, now the bike and me went out for a ride in the rain. Smiling, feeling the cold pearls of water touching the skin, yes coldness was felt, but inside a deep gratitude and joy of just being present. LIVE! Mind comes by once in a while to remind you of something. Yes attention can slip a while, though something does notice this and goes back to be here right now! It takes no effort to be here, even though the body is climbing up hills, awareness is still and effortless being! Suddenly on the trip, one face caught my attention, which looked at me and I received a really weird wipe from it. Mind started to come up with judgement and blaming me for sending out wrong signals. This got corrected by one of my friends sayings:

Quote Caglar: “what you think of me doesn’t matter, what I think of you matters”

Later came time for exercises. Here Mind came again to bargain and complain. Check blog post: Enough with grace and joy. Exercises was tough! yes jumping rope went like a charm. 3 mistakes during 1000 jumps is the best ever. But the 300’s explosive power exercises is a killer. Some of the exercises are; Jumping on the spot, push ups with clapping and one jump one push up. While keeping breathing deep, maintain a full awareness  this simply let to anger and then frustration. The dog felt this furious attention from me too. Showing it to me as running around in circles, sometimes right into the body namely the head again to indicate – you are unaware right now and neglecting your feelings. Which is true, I did not see her coming towards me while carrying out the exercises. So I stopped up, actually first I got angry at the dog, projection, and took a firm grip on the dog and said NO! Afterwards the insight came about. What wonders forgiveness does and correction of the mistake can then happen. Realizing that not feeling and being present of my actions is the same as hurting my self.  Anyways, attention was again focused inwards by: “I AM HERE! What do I feel? Then feeling of the body, the breath, feeling the wet soft grass, the fresh wind and mind went clear again. Honestly more practice is needed here, the feelings doing explosive repetitions and having no air in the lungs is like choking me. The body feels like a piece of rock weighing a ton. A total of 50 repetitions in all exercises was completed. Here is the map of exercises and diet for today: Body Diary 8.june Finished the exercises off with stomach and back bends. Then stretching off the build up tensions if any. Which in this case, there was some!

Here is a picture of the pizza for dinner:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Does it look inviting to you, then just ask for the recipe and I will bring it to you!

Right now, sky is opening up, beautiful colors blending, with blue, white, grey and even gold from the sunset. Living life through the lenses of awareness, nothing bothers you. You are simply here, experiencing. Without judgement of what should be, nor any concerns for what will come. You simply trust life and there by your Self. You can’t practice to be awareness it is simply what you are. Though recognizing what you are is a practice in the beginning! Peaceful and Joy is good signs for recognition!

Thank you for now!

Be spontaneous!

0 I Am.


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