Here is your daily diet and exercises!


Today we experienced decisions being made somewhat slower than before, thoughts trembling and making double somersaults in order to get attention. After some practices and the notice of the mind’s tricks, we sliced through and the whole day changed into beauty, peace and well-being! We started out with a good 2½ hours of yoga, the Ultimate Freedom inspired by the yogi, by B.K.S. Iyengar. Here is the routine: The Ultimate Freedom by B.K.S. Iyengar w. anandamarga. The morning diet consisted of just water and some dandelion tea. This choice of a fasting morning was because of a little over-eating yesterday so stomach was still digesting the day after!! Think twice before eating meat again. Well it all went good, the yoga session went great.

For the exercises for strength and stamina later in the day, again mind came about with thoughts of insecurities and questioning why and trying to bargain to do anything else. Instead we went to how we are feeling right now, would exercise be fun? Yes, and sure did the exercises go smoothly. As for warm up, usually the jumping rope is the preferred choice. About 1000 jumps is enough to heat up. Then followed by full body workout, just using body weight. Here is the exercises and diet map for today: Body diary 7.june.

During workout, the effort seems to become less and more focus is merely on the breathing. Slow deep breaths is the goal during all exercises. Keeping the mind calm and fully alert! If you want to do these exercises, beginners should do a maximum of 5 – 10 repetition 3 times a week, maximum 30 minutes total. Then slowly move up to 20 repetition and 1 hour total. Also its possible to workout by setting a timer. Example of doing each exercise for 30s and switch. The diet and exercises presented in this blog are great and very beneficial for all ages and weights. Its focus is on a functional and efficient body. If you wanna lose weight its great, if you want to gain stamina is great and for strength, there this just maintains your physique, while building more strength you should look for the kettle bell and gymnastic bars exercises. These are in other blog posts.

As for now, the  body is feeling as its best ever. Flexibility is great. Strength increasing every day. For the mind, well I am the master now. I choose my feelings and what I would like to give attention!! Freedom is now. The dinners that comes out from this awareness and feelings are… take a look:

Thank you for now!

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