Body development and experiences. Includes Body Diary and diet for 5. + 6.june!

Hi everyone,

Today we had an early get up at, sharing the morning and breakfast with my girlfriend. She goes with the bus to town, while I am here at home. When the breakfast is so early and in order to eat together, I decided to have a short morning yoga session with just some sun salutes and a few reps in the 5 Tibetans. This gives a good start and vitalizes the whole energy system and activates the body awareness! After dinner a funny “waiting” not knowing what to do feeling, experience arose. Here I simply decided just to look and relax! HOW GREAT IT IS TO JUST RELAX AND SEE! anyways this is very new to me and I love it to just be. After a little while things came about that actually would benefit everything if done so. I did the laundry, cleaning out a closet, gave my self time to really connect into what I feel, what I would love to do right now. Then exercises came about, which the map and diet for is here: Body Diary 6.june.

For exercises today, I have decided for the whole week, not to follow a program but to see what comes up intuitively. Well after the last 2 days, which has been focused on strength and stamina. Today was dedicated to core building and balance. Starting out as always, with 1000 jumps in the jumping rope. This is getting as a great warm up and focus here is doing it with ease and maintain relaxed breathing. Even though tempo is getting faster and faster 😉 Afterwards getting straight into core and balance poses. For example the idea to to the opposites of each balance pose came to me as fun. So start up with just the standing and raised arms pose for about 10 breaths, then switch right away to hand stand and keep this for 10 breaths and a sequence of 2 sets! Look in the map for full walk through of the poses. In all it took totally an hour to go through the whole exercise.

Feeling just great and subtle, now giving my self time to make a energized fueled dinner. Most admit that I still eat a little pass the feeling of ease and peace. I am aware of this now so the choice is soon to be recognized fully.

Well thats all for today, hope you got inspired from the exercise, they benefit your core and balance muscles. Sharpens your attention and remember to breathe fully when holding the poses!

Thank you for now!

0 I Am – the Truth


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