Conscious Exercise vs Forceful Exercise – Accept the body now!

Hi everyone,

Starting off with the topic, Conscious Exercise vs Forceful Exercise, first I’d like to go into the idea of consciousness. Consciousness is where we can choice what and when we want to manifest an action, its a deliberate choice of action and manifesting it will share joy and happiness. Forceful Action is not deliberate, it is a reaction towards something, a judgement, it neglects the facts of what is being felt and its consequences for others. Its unconscious and it brings uncertainty and often an uneasiness with it. 

Lets bring these together in exercise and see how beneficial one is to the other. 

Conscious exercise works as having no judgement of how things should be, nor exactly what should be the outcome. Simply remain as the awareness of what is going on. Feel and observe, be the movement you will like to carry out. Awareness of your breathing, your thoughts, your surroundings, the wind and you know you have your attention in the awareness when nothing can surprise you or disturb. You are simply here and safe. When the exercises starts to be carried out, you sense sometimes tension is building up, here awareness releases tension immediately so energy can keep flowing and spontaneous action occurs naturally. Mind can come and say things like: “You have to take more, you can do better, you can do more!” Simply remain and look at it. You in fact are doing the best you can, you are best at what you do, you have already put up a goal you’d like to achieve then stick by it! Give your Self the time which is necessary in order to accomplish it. This way you’ll have the full experience and your body / mind will learn much faster! Yes in the beginning of everything some effort is asked for, in order for you to act towards your goals. Keep these things in mind when exercising and you’ll start to see a major change in how efficient and with ease you can accomplish any goal you set up! An action will first start out very slowly in order for your awareness of it to be fully integrated. Then after practice you start to be able to do it faster and still with ease! Also this method keeps injuries of the body to a minimum, as you in fact listen to how to work WITH the body not against it.

Forceful Exercise works opposite of the conscious exercise. Here you already have an idea of HOW things should be done, you might expect already that it also should work what you do. If you cannot do it, also here mind will come and judge you, pushing you and the body around. The mind can if you let it, be the authority of the body, based upon an image it has of it. This creates a un-healthy relationship to the body and for awareness of the mind!

Here is and example: Lets say you started exercising cause you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, okay at least in his younger days. You start to exercise and study on how this can be accomplished. Well first of all notice that, instead of having practical goals, like lets go out for a walk and enjoy it, lets go exercise and see how it can be fun, you want to change the body as it is right now. This is un-acceptance of what is, and already there disconnects you from feeling the body now and accepting what ability it really has. Then force comes from the mind to push the body to lift more weight, eat more, eat less. Based entirely on what you have read you “should” do. Then here is a mismatch for what is actual happening now and what the mind wants. Injuries will come up, the mind will have its power over you, cause you have accepted its judgement, that the body needs to change in order to be okay to what you want.

When I tried out this method, what I experienced was a sense of the mind could overcome me. I lost my true position to the mind and body and suddenly the only thing that drove me forward was to change what is here right now, cause the mind did not like it! This is mind-ego at its best, it drives forward and pushes through and when the body then finally was accomplished it had no idea what to do with it. The mind-ego only have the image it wants to look alike, not taking the whole perspective into account of how it feels, is it painful and are we at peace. That was totally neglected for this one goal. For me it turned out in anger and resentment towards others, judging almost everything and everyone. Even when I want to help others out it started pushing them around too. 

To sum it up: Being aware and manifest through a state of grace and appreciation of what is possible now, brings happiness and shares the joy and peace from which grace origins from! It is a kind of knowing what I really am and share from this place. It teaches the same time, acceptance, love and care, cause you merely wanna add to and expand of what already is! When we switch to become forceful and neglect our true position and do not accept what is here right now, the manifestations will bring up a lot of resistance, doubt, uncertainty, maybe even result in a lot of anger. Simply because you have made the judgement that what is here and now, is not okay. Yes, I have chosen this way only to come back to my sanity and see that it brought nothing. okay yeah if you like housecleaning, body cleaning and mind cleaning then wooohooo it has taught me to recognize the Ego-mind and how it can misunderstand reality. 

Let me assure you, that everything is okay right her and now.

Let nothing push you around, You are free to be you self

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