Exercises and diet working!! here is today’s workout and diet

Hi everyone,

so here is the update after a 9 days break of exercise. We have today started out with the 10 sun salutes to vitalized energize the system in the morning. Adding to it with 10 reps in the 5 Tibetans, which really awakens the spine and bends you back and forth!

Then breakfast and enjoying of the new angle on life today:

Simply sit down and experience your self, your presence and see what comes up that you feel an urge to do. This was cleaning before the trip to the earth-mother as the lady is pregnant. Adding a 30km trip today – 1hour on the bike. Also some exercises was performed. No program just go out and see what comes to mind that would be fun!

Here is how it played out: Jumping rope for 1000 jumps, easy fun and the 1 month before exercises has payed off! Then the kettle bell was thrown around. 50 repetitions and 40 repetitions adding push ups in between exercises.

  • Swing around body both ways – 50 repetitions
  • Swing in front of body both hands with flip in the last 10 reps. 40 reps total
  • push ups, just 10
  • Swing in front of body both hands with flip – 30 reps total
  • push ups – 10
  • Swing in front of body one hand with flip 20 reps total
  • push ups 5
  • Swing in front of body one hand with flip 20 reps total
  • push ups 5
  • stomach crunch and go with kettle bell to each side while sitting crunched for side abs
  • One arm push up with kettle bell 20 reps x 2
  • Stomach crunch 10 reps, hanging in gymbars with straight legs and push them into the air or crunch
  • One arm push up with kettle bell 20 reps x 2
  • Stomach Crunch 10 reps in GymBars
  • 360 Degrees Flip Around 5 full rounds
  • Lunges with kettle bell in one hand total of 28 steps, 14 with each side.
  • Bicep curls 15 reps for each arm
  • Triceps push up behind neck standing, 20 reps
  • Finish off with 1.5km run and stretching
Here below you can see pictures taken today: All pictures are taken in a relaxed position so we can see how the energy flows and how the balance is in the body. For in

stance on the
front we see shoulders tighten a little, so the chest is contracted. Also a little round in the upper back is still present. I have had extremely “wings” from the should blades on the back picture, but now they are starting to settle into their natural place. For the fat percentage its about 6 – 8% The focus of the exercises are functionality not the looks, so its going to be interesting to see how this “natural” body will start to look like. For now mid-section and back is strong. ImageChest and upper back is still a work in progress, both in yoga and the exercises.Image
Here is the diet: 4.june Diet Diary
Thats all for now, feel free to ask any questions, comment your thoughts and feelings about it.
Let me know 😉
Thank you

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