A complete vegetarian diet map. With recipes and suggestions.

Hi everyone,

So we have completed a full 1 month diet diary. And a full month of exercise diary. These diaries are here for you to get inspired, learn of my mistakes and see how things work out behind the scenes of a perfect diet.

I have tested many foods, combinations, gone through diarrhea, constipation, fatigue and dizziness. The best advice and diet which I will stick by for now is simple and easy:

  1. water when waking up
  2. breakfast of about ½ bowl – 2 / 3 dl total, oats, nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Once and a while yogurt instead of rice-drink, soy-drinks.
  3. snacks and water in between meals. Fruits, nuts and chocolate once and a while.
  4. midday dinner. salads, seeds, vegetables and oils. Or Add some bread and eggs / cheese into the mix once and a while
  5. snacks again
  6. dinner, beans, lentils, seeds and vegetables. Can be lasagna w. spinach, salads, rice w. vegetables. Lentils with salads.
  7. tea and herbs
  8. 1 – 2 days a week, dessert: Frozen bananas blended with berries and fruit pieces. Chocolates and Ice-cream. Greek Yogurt with honey.
This is the most beneficial setup for me so far.  Here is the Vegetarian Diet map: Vegetarian Diet check it out, maybe there is a great idea for you!
I would love to make a diet for you and your wishes. The method I use is to try out the diet which I’ll suggest for you and see what works. If you have some conditions we are gonna specify the needs for these together.
If you want to gain some insights into how I have tested and worked out the suggestions and diets in the above “Vegetarian Diet” then here is a full 1 month map for exercises, diets and timings on the day of eating. During this period there have been overeating, cravings, diarrhea, stomach aches. And finally I have put together a diet which works and gives a peaceful, harmonious relationship with the body.
Here is the full 1 month map: Body Development, exercise and diet There is also added cognitive exercises for the brain health section.
So we are done with the initial start up towards our goals we set up in the beginning of this blog. Lets have 1 month we’re we merely keep the practice going no challenges, but keep in mind peace, poise and certainty!
You attain goals through practice, practice and setting boundaries towards achievement of the goals. Stick by your own rules as no-one can know you better than your Self! Reality will show you if it works or not, either way you will learn.
That’s all for this evening. Feel free to comment and give your advice with. Suggestions for exercises and diets are mostly welcome.
With love and respect
0 I Am!

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