In Stillness You Grow!


During the last month, exercising has been roughly 3 hours a day. 1 hour of circle training, jumping rope, kettle bell, body weight exercises, with nothing to a max. of 1min break between sets and 1 – 2 hours of yoga. Once and a while adding some walks and hikes of 5 – 10 km. Plus a little bicycling. 5 days a week. Yoga is every day.

The diet is vegetarian and 2 weeks of vegan. Now the 8Th day of relaxation, mostly laying, eating, sleeping, meditating, walking and some yoga is ongoing. This is felt as necessary for the body and mind to “digest” and ground what has been done. Releasing any stored tension and gaining full awareness of each part of the body. Which comes through a full body massage done by your self.

For the sleeping patterns, there is also a change happening. Sleeping start about 9 – 10pm, and morning starts about 5 – 6 am. This seems like the body and mind rests more deeply in these hours on clock.

Growing actually happens when we are still. Doing nothing, just looking and reflecting. After 1½ – 2 months of continuous training 3 hours a day, followed by a pause of 8 – 9 days gives the whole system a resetting and a chance of really feeling in deeply all the subtle energies that is! You are not a machine, you are a being, allow your Self to just feel and be.

In order to see everything you must remain and be nothing, without intention and concepts

Stillness, Peace is an experience which cannot be described. You must ask for it to receive it, and only in the Self is it possible to experience. For nowhere in the world does true peace exists. Thank God, you are not the world you see through the eyes of the body, not even the body itself. You are in fact the mere awareness which experience everything. What joy and bliss!

On with the training and diary:

Tomorrow the full 1 month program and diet will be uploaded as a mindmap, here on

Included is recommendation of foods which has been beneficial. What has been learned as the best approach to the diet. Recipes for breakfast, dinners, midday dinners, salads and snacks. For the exercise more time is needed to evaluate its efficiency, though already now strength and stamina has increased by double! Flexibility is slowly increasing.

The cognitive exercises are doing great also, constant higher scores most be accepted as a working result. This will continued to be done. Its effect on my work and how it increases productivity is seen by: Less distractions, direct approach for the tasks. No mind wandering and a great sense of flow and easy access of happiness!


Be the Change in your life, be spontaneous and LIVE!

Thank you for now.

I am.


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