An Idea – How to embody a birthday present.


So here I wanna share with you, a birthday gift idea which gives a surprising, uplifting, inspiring and challenging experience. Both for receiver and giver. The present is shown here in the following photos:

Fiver Fingers Coupon: The idea is to give this coupon to your partner, then letting him decided when and where, each coupon can be chosen. This one is to put away money for a pair of five fingers, which has been talked about 😉




Embodiment at its core, here is a coupon, which will bring a full body massage. It is so funny how this really learns and teaches you to accept to receive and for the giver to give! And at the same time, its free!



Coupon Surprise: Here it plays with the mind’s ability to guess for the receiver, to actually be ready right now for something you can’t possible know! The giver is challenge in the ability to be creative and really surprise your partner!



Coupon Game Night: Play and have fun together is merely what life is about, here its the receivers choice of what game then to play!Challenge trust, brings playfulness into the life and again imagination is your limit.



These are some of the suggestions of what could be a present and gift for your partner and you. It embodies and brings both intimacy, trust, playfulness, creativity and founded by love.

Be the Change!

I Am –


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