Judgement, Eating, misunderstanding and remain as “I AM”

I am not a body – I am free!!

So with this in mind, I noticed an action carried out this morning which actually was based upon Identifying with the body. Girlfriend woke me up to eat with her, asking: “Would you like to eat with me?”. The decision felt upon a “yes”. Got up some minutes later and to my “surprise” no breakfast was ready and not enough time to make new almond milk I started boiling oats. Mind went on with a lot of judgement and blabbering of why is this feeling like an un-invitation to eat together and the situation did not meet up to “ego’s” expectations. Anyhow the breakfast was made and the clock went late, so she had to start eating right away. Which resulted in NOT eating together anyways. Here is what struck me afterwards, I started identifying with my emotions here, my judgement! And even worse, she felt blamed and accused because I shared it with her. So the whole scene was just based upon the mind’s idea of how things should be instead of embracing the moment. 

Eating the morning dinner while experiencing this, I sensed shortly after ½ a bowl that the stomach started to feel good. But then again a thought arose, you are skinny and would like to gain weight eat it all! And so I did. 

This is judgement based upon the body, seen with the bodies eyes and mind’s identification of it. Instead of going by my intuition and senses, the mere saying led to an action based upon fear! Fear is a judgement of what is here and now and most be brought about in mistrust of what I am, as the most supreme and powerful being!

What is all this boiling down to: 

  1. Choose your guide carefully! 
  2. Notice if you Identify with body and if so, discern these thoughts as they are not for you.
  3. Keep peace and happiness as a goal of every situation with trust and certainty that it is possible!
  4. If you make the mistake as what happened here, no worries either way you will learn as long as you have your goals set up! And are aware that you choose your feelings!
  5. Accept no guilt, no blame, no accusations, no unworthiness, no feelings can be you! Discern identification by the knowledge, this is not me. Go back to true knowledge: “I AM” – and sense whatever feeling is present. This method changes the perception of the situation and gives you the ability to act out from a presence and certainty of what you are, instead of being controlled by your emotions!
  6. Accept greatness and the all powerful being that you are. You are the Master!

This is the method which I benefited from and gave the ability to, after she had felt and gone through her own emotions and insights, to give a hug. Do not try and fix people when they are in realization, or feeling hurt, they need to feel what they feel. Trying to fix them merely brings the idea that feeling this way is not okay and should be fixed! What powerful being is it that cannot handle to feel emotions? !!

You are what you teach, teach freedom and you yourself will experience freedom!

Insight here above is the following: If you look at someone and seeing them as unable to handle the situation, this judgement of lack in the other. Instead show strength and courage to feel with them and just be there ready if they ask for anything to give it from a place of certainty and love! 

Here is a blog about how to conquer negative emotions, which I really like how it puts it into words:

How to Conquer Negative Emotions and Take Action Now (Guest Post by Cynthia Hule of GangyBuffet).

Thank you for now!

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