Stomach normalized after Diarrhea, be careful of what you eat, or else….!

Hi everyone,

Yes mam, Yes Sir, and here we go. Eating is now normalizing, though an extra eye is born to look for how the body receives the food that I feed it with 😉 No more diarrhea because of lack of attention! Here is the list for today, still kept in mind to have it easy going for the stomach. So no gas-producing beans, low on oily fats and some easy digest-able bread. 

  1. Boiled Oats w. apple pieces and salt
  2. H20 WATER!
  3. Nuts and Raisins
  4. Seeds
  5. Salad and Tomatoes
  6. Sesame seeds butter – Tahini
  7. Peanut butter will be tested in a sandwich also!

So to everyone out there, be careful what you eat, be responsible to the body and yourself. Or else you might be the master of cleaning toilets in 3 days just like me! 

Tomorrow we start taking up exercises again, yoga for start out. Giving the body a full week recovery from strength and intensive workouts! 

Thank you from here

0 I Am


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