Self-Inquiry, Certainty and Recognition

Hi You,

This morning I went up, fed the dog, went out in the garden, looking around. Actually checking for places where the dog can  run out, because this was experienced yesterday. Did some small exercises, but with a funny sense in the body and mind. I am uncertain in “why?” I do what I do. So after this I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Turned on the computer with the intention to study Yoga, check up some emails and this blog. The uncertainty remains so let us just settle into this feeling. Using “inquiry” and look into what the intuition comes up with of answers for us.


“Okay, position the body in a comfortable position”“What am I feeling now?” Some tension in the hips, stomach feeling empty. Then an explanation: “It is important to have and experience the full cycle of eating. From feeling empty, making food, eat, digesting and feeling empty again.”  The next question which is noticed is: “Why am I meeting some obstacles on this road of vegetarian/vegan and exercising?”,  “Why did I have diarrhea for 3 days?” Okay, new insight and answer: “First, ONE question at a time and then contemplate it through until you are CERTAIN you have understood it.” So the first question:

Here comes the answer: “Well when you start out new things and explore yourself. In order for you to learn here on earth and in the mind, you need to stand still to reflect and see. So as when you progress you have a tendency to take 3 step forward. With the last step often being taken in darkness. Then life will helps you and bring you that situation for you to actually be still. This is in order for you to appreciate what is here and now, to taste a bit of what is. This brings certainty towards what direction you’re walking and integrating it into your awareness. Also it will give some insights to if it is working or not.”

The second questions answer is: “You got diarrhea, because you let yourself be deluded by your own uncertainty. Instead of listening, feeling and being present. Your mind took charge and judged the sensation as uncomfortable and gave you a need to fix this. The choice was then food and mixing foods, spices which was very toxic for your digestive system!” I find this very interesting, how inquiry and intuition works together! Where does the answers come from? and the answer makes the breath rise, body to straighten up and an immense joy and teary though joyful presence. “They come from your inner guide for happiness and peace! Just like you have asked for!”

I look for mastery in life and will accept only this.  To achieve this, attention in the mind needs to be brought to present. To excel from a doing to a being. Practice to be present and let go of all distractions from the mind. Practice here is simply to recognize what is and discern everything else.

Forgiveness and Atonement are the keys for this! Actually my one goal here on earth is to forgive. An in order to forgive I need to accept Atonement for my self  first!


What am I certain of right now? – I am here. I experience a body and its functioning. I hear sounds, also an inner voice. There are pictures flickering in the mind. I need to do nothing in order to be aware of this, it is simply here. Yes I am certain of this. Observation comes up, mind says:”so what if this…-…happens how will you respond to this? Awareness answers, I will act accordingly to what the situation brings about, no need for preparation and keep and idea of a need to prepare! Let it go and see everything fresh! YES, I  feel certain of this choice.

For those of you who does not know what certainty is here is an explanation: but remember always, you cannot understand things intellectually you need to experience it!

You have a choice in every day situation which call for actions. Do things in uncertainty and you become and recognize uncertainty. Start noticing certainty and you will become certain! Rooted certainty inside yourself will shine forth as peace and presence! Rooting refers to the idea of being able to recognize it and act upon this recognition! This will also help you recognize certainty in others and help them brings this state about in life.


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