3rd day of diarrhea, awareness of the present is stronger than ever!

Hi everyone,

This is the 3rd day of diarrhea in a row. Water is running out of the wrong holes and toilet reading is now the new thing!

Usually people would be tired, irritated, scared or seemingly depressed while going through digestive issues like “diarrhea”. Here we merely observe, feel, learn and see the possibilities of this new experience. Yes we can all agree to it is feelings which are to say the least “wanted”. But surely wiping hands, washing the toilet and cleaning after doing the thing is now perfected ;). This day has been spent on the couch, laying, sitting, working on the computer, meditating and resting. This has actually been what I would love to do the most today, just being. A day can be wonderful with simple things to it. Joyfulness is a current which runs through each and everyone of us, constantly! You merely need to ask and listen for it and it will show itself! Mind comes up many times during a day, things of the past, the future, but for a peaceful and natural mind simple being here and now is grace. The rest can go bye bye!

When the body becomes this weak, from lack of nutrients, water drainage and no motion. You really start to sense if any tension is present, or if unnecessary energy is spent on holding an uncomfortable position. Then when observed this naturally will be corrected, because there is no more time for unnecessary burdens. Simply life is too short for this. I start sensing how each step is, how each breath opens the chest and lungs. Each bite, how its chewed and swallowed. The water, its smell, cold/hot. Freshness. The air and even the feelings of others around me is sensed more clearly.

Its a great exercise to do even if you do not have diarrhea 😉 Feel the presence. It is the only place you are safe and secure.

There will be no more programs of what to exercise, nor what should be a minimum. We will let go of  to do lists, and merely keep our goals in focus! One goal rules them all: PEACE!! – the rest will follow if it is to be so. I’ll do my part and train the best I can. But not with the sacrifice of peace.

Programs are only necessary until your spirit will guide you forward. You cannot prepare yourself for life, you have to live it and be life! So lets take this step fully and explore the creative mind in its full sentiment!

Again the diet today is simple:

  • Yogurt
  • Crackers
  • Blueberries
  • Banana
  • Apple Mash
  • Sandwich Bread
  • Water

This is all for now, lets have a restful meditation, you can also call it a recognition of home before bed.

Rest in peace Y’all! and a GOODNIGHT.


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