4th day of 1 hourly exericse pr day or is it 3 hours today?

Hi everyone, oh and YOU!
Waking up by having a beautiful sunshine entering the bedroom and a wonderful dog licking once face to say. HELLO “FOODTIME”, which was misunderstood by the waking consciousness of the Identity, homeryouge-DOH. Stood up in a flinch, jumped to the door and say: “Well then ship it!” Pee already. Faith, the dog, looks back sitting in the kitchen room. Absolutely not moving a muscle towards outside. Lets check time, is it really 7.am? Oh yes, somehow the dog now knows the clock. Well, this body also knows the clock. an it ain’t going up yet! Oh well, 7:30 am up we go.

Starting out the routines of a…. wait a second! No routine, chose instead to do the yoga postures, that just would come to mind of what ever feelings and sensations is present in the moment. Yes! Be Spontaneous! We started out a very slow and relaxing motions of moves, “check out the mindmap for this”.  After a well relaxed and present mind. YES, F-O-O-D which somehow really catches attention in these weeks of exercise. Anyhow, a good morning breakfast and then making some Quinoa-bread. And why am I telling you all of this? Oh yeah, true that’s why… The day simply asked for a trip to the ocean. Fixing bikes, yes done. Hey also 1 hour of exercises. Bring it on, making new record in jumping rope for 20 minutes and amount of repetitions in the chin up exercise. Fresh bread for midday dinner, delicious homemade pestos, chickpeas mix and then PEANUT-BUTTER! How is it all feeling? – Erhm, yeah stamina, discipline, JOY, everything is just giving. Trip then for the beach. There getting new ideas to make some necklaces of shells. Followed by a short swim and some yoga postures.

Warrior 1 pose, homeryougenius

This is now, why I wanna share this little insight into this day.

After starting to do exercise consistently for 1 hour a day. Activities increased, performance in all tasks increased. Concerns is simply recognized as a waste of time and you even start to affect your fellow beings around you. They simply get affected by your mere presence!

Mind map of the exercises and diet:Body Diary, 24.may

Still experiencing a challenge in the exercises of 15minutes jumping rope, 1min in each exercise with kettle bells and especially the gymnastic bars. Your own body weight for 1 minute pushing, raising, dragging and crunching. This just pulls the air out of the lungs. While I still learn to breathe a more slowly and steady breath during all actions, this experience will probably last.

JUST DO IT and sleep, rest in Peace at the same time! Can it be real? Only way to find out, is to make your decision NOW!


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