3rd day of 1 hour exercise program – I choose happiness!

Hi everyone,

short update for the body diary and what the day has brought about.

map: Body Diary – 23.may

Living with a plant-based diet these weeks, energy levels are tremendous high! New ideas pop up and carrying out intentions works like a charm! Today a Chickpeas blend was made and combined with corn-flour pancakes, vegetables it’s the best pancake to date! Here is the recipe:

Take your chick peas raw, put in water over night, boil them for 35 – 40 minutes. Blend them, or smash them. Add salt, pepper so it tastes simply extraordinary! Make pancakes of cornflour, olive oil and water. Chop some vegetables, here we used; salad, tomatoes, onion. Make a dressing with olive oil, garlic, onion, pepper, salt and chili. Your ready set to go and have a delicious protein rich, meal! Enjoy

yes the weather is wonderful this day, sunshine and 37 degrees Celsius in the sun. Lovely to have developed exercises which can be performed outside 😉

Advice of the day:

Don’t wait to be happy, choose to be happy now! You do not have much time left, so spend it well! Joy and Peace is a choice, so do yourself a favor and forget about the rest 😉

With love and yours in time,

0 I Am



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