Body Diary – 22.may – Be the exercise, Be your action!

hi everyone,

Today I had the pleasure of experiencing “second round” of 1 hour  exercise . Focus during exercises switched from thought; “When is this done”, “Feeling body posture”, “I just need to do 5 more then I am done” to the most natural and healthy thought experienced so far:

Forget about doing, forget about the future! I am here now, one step at a time, Be the step, feel it fully, remain as awareness. ZEN – !

Be your message!

This lesson can be beneficial in all activities during the day, nothing needs to be finished or just done. Everything is equally as important and each stroke on the keyboard right now, will bring something into this world.

Where does the stroke come from? Its a feeling, a smile that lights the face, a joyful and peaceful knowing and remembering of the gifts I am – Love. So while exercising the body, it seems mind will also come under the scope of awareness. Misunderstandings are corrected. Actually mistakes is wonderful to recognize as something that in truth has never been.

All that is asked for,is willingness to receive, open your mind and ask. Where it comes from, we can call God, universe or put it simply – Awareness

Here is the mindmap for the diet, exercise and some thoughts for today: Body Diar – 22.may

Who ever says peace can be experience after dead, have misunderstood life. I ask, why wait for peace? Remind your Self, You are the Master!

Rest in peace is for the living. Rest in peace now my fellow beings!


0 I Am!


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