Summary of last week, upcoming week – EXPANSION



Its been 3 weeks since the body diary has started. Here are the improvements so far:

  1. Eating more regularly and less snacks / “munchies”
  2. Experiencing the  benefits of a vegetarian / vegan diet and meat/sugar diet.
  3. Flexibility increase, motivation increased, calm mind and natural joy occurs spontaneously!!
  4. No weight gain, though strength and endurance is increased
  5. Mental cognitive exercises have improved all weeks, reached the highest levels in comparison to others on the site.
  6. De-attachment towards external reality, less disturbances experienced – concluding that awareness is recognized – natural flow!
  7. House chores, giving happiness towards fellow beings and receiving happiness is becoming a spontaneous action.
  8. Letting go of anger and resentment is still practice, though recognized at a more deeper level.
For the next week, the exercise amount will be increased somewhat. Here are the goals:
  • 5days  x 15min of jumping rope
  • 5days Exercise for 30min – 45min
  • 5days of jogging 1.5 – 3km
  • 6days Yoga every morning w. breathing exercises
  • 6days yoga or tai chi at evening 15min
  • 1days  full body massage into the bones to release old fears and anxiety
  • 7days of 15 min meditation morning and before bed
Also adding is the vegan diet for 5 days, with focus on fatty acids and protein.  Here what comes to mind is, Raw Hemp Seeds, Avocado, Nuts, Seeds, Chick Peas and bread made of this flour.
For the entire week map of exercises and diet, here is it in pdf format:Body diary – week 3
So this is all for now, hope you have had a great week. Consciously choosing your actions and learning from your mistakes. Remember always, there is no sin, only mistakes which always can be corrected. First clean your own eyes then bring the peace forward to your fellow beings!
Next week of Free your mind and give in to your full potential. JUST BE IT! – NOW
Live life, BE LIFE!
0 I Am



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