Effort and Spontaneity

Hi everyone,

Today’s lesson is brought about in the exercises of today. To expand we challenge our current status quo. The thought is then, what really drives our expansion when we go to new arenas in life?

Does it require effort to create and expand your awareness into new places or is there a “secret” path for the one who “knows”. Through the experiences of life, I have seen people fighting to achieve what they want, some fighting just to maintain an already struggled life style. While there also is this other group, this strange being which is joyful in all what life brings about. Some also just give up, complain and have forgotten what they are, and share all the hatred, anger and resentment they self-judged upon themselves. Or at least accept from others!

Where do you see the different approach towards effortless being and the one which fight to maintain his right?

To me, its important to understand that what we let in to our lives, that’ll be beliefs, concerns, opportunities, love and feelings. We will experience the consequences, cause and effect of our choices. Free will has been asked for by our selves to experience our selves. Now knowledge has been given me of what I am. This helps to discern everything I am not. 

So what do we let into our minds on a daily basis: Commercials, telling us what we need and what to do. Banking industry, saying no money no fun, we take your stuff. We say this is mine, my body, my thoughts. Well all this gives you the possibility to lose! 

So how can we turn the tables and give ourselves endless opportunity and have only one ruler, which most in fact be truth!?

A natural mind discerns all stuff which is in no benefit for it. Simply it cares not, which is healthy and vital for it to maintain freedom and joyfulness. A natural mind makes decisions consciously and accepts the consequences of its own choice. It recognizes that there simply is no power in wanting people to change for it to feel good, instead it chooses to have joy and act accordingly. 





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