Body diary – 21.may – OMG!

Hi everyone,

So we have started up the hourly exercise program, with the morning yoga sequence. To state it out in a language that you understand: “Oh my freaking Lord, God and have mercy on this day”. I’m just messing with ya, its all very nice and the feeling, experience is overflowing with energy. This really resonates with the heart and we will see how body will give its approval or thumbs down 😉

Here is the map for today: Body Diary 21.may

This amount of exercise presented in the blog, can be summed up into: 1 hour of physical strength and stamina / cardio exercises, 1½ hours yoga for flexibility and release of tension and finish off with a 2½ hour walk for 10.2km! No wait its not over yet, lets finish the day off with a short yoga routine and stretching after this walk.

For the amount of food which has been digested today, will see after 1 – 2 weeks if this amount suits or if more is asked for to sustain. As long as body improves and health is experience, why adjust?

Thank you for now, hope to inspire some of you who wanna start up exercising, new diet, trying it out on your own.

0 I am


Ps. Interested in special diet, exercise program for your goals, or perhaps in need of a motivating coach, check out the website. (Its still under construction so feel free to add suggestions and comments of your experience here!)




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