Have you misunderstood LOVE? Set it free – TODAY!


Today I wanna share with you the thoughts and things which can arise when you start doing something new.

Recently this spirit has taken on a journey, a journey towards accomplishing, doing, manifesting sharing the ideas which remain in this mind. To do this, I also decided to let go of the “public” opinion about what you SHOULD do, what is OKAY, what is not. Image

One of my experiences:

“I am gonna fast in 7 days” , “Oh this is dangerous you need to study, you need to at least take vitamins, or this or that.” Or what about the concerns!?: “Oh! Do you not want to eat, what is wrong?” Seriously are you listening to me?When I say I wanna do something, sharing the ideas with you, are you gonna act towards your own SCARCITY and FEARS? Oor let go of your pity judgement’s and say GO FOR IT! 

The last sentence will set your self free. Seen from a spiritual perspective the advice you give others, you give to yourself. 

Which brings about the next thing. If you start having concern for others, and you hide behind it calling it love. Seriously I say you are an impostor! Love gives, shares and brings your full potential to yourself – TODAY!

The rest go to sleep again. You can do it as you so often say: Tomorrow! – When ready to experience life, your Self and Love, Go to the one who supports your ideas, who gives you a chance of going beyond your fears and doubts. 


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