I want nothing less for you, than true freedom!

Miallo reader and my beloved friend,

To bring and teach freedom in my life, I have had to and still do, work on my own way of dealing with perceived problems. Specifically my values in life and how I can share these. For instance the importance of recognizing love instead of fear. To acknowledge that love is truly freedom and that is what I am here to teach.

During my yoga practice, some “funny” thoughts came around: “I am the truth. Doubt has never been a reality – nor has fear!” Fear is just a thought of the mind, use it well to reflect and look within.

Thoughts: me: “Father am I doing great?”  Father:”You are doing just fine” – me:”Where does all this doubt come from?” – Father:”I do not know, forget about it” me:”Okay, thank you!” 

It is that simple! When you start analyzing and contemplating the thoughts rooted by uncertainty or fear. Often it has no value, no benefit to what the thoughts is actually about. The real benefit to contemplate fear is the ability to discern its reality. Simply overlook the perceived dangers and rest fully into the presence of what is here and now. Trusting your abilities and have faith that what ever tools are needed, in the perceived situation, will be provided.

This is a way of being vigilant to God, having faith in the world. God has nothing to fear as he only creates like himself. Teaching that which he is. While the same rule applies to you, whenever you buy into fear. Re-acting and turning away from your true goal, a small wall has been builded. The wall is merely an illusion of a thought which you alone have judged as impossible to overcome. Instead I recommend to discern these thoughts of fear, contemplating their unreality and look beyond.

Now I want freedom for myself, my friends and family. So my focus is directed towards possibilities, peace and happiness, teaching it by remaining in a constancy of peacefulness and happiness. This is a choice I have made from the understanding: “I am what I teach. To have all, Give all To All”.

Peace, Joy and happiness are truly gifts that last forever. Teaching these qualities requires for me to apply an open-mindedness towards anything that arises; Feelings, emotions, problems, concerns, judgement and simply see the possibilities in giving the assurance that exists.

As an example: Whenever you say to your friends how they “should” act in a certain situation or tell them that is right or wrong. You neglect their abilities of making choices by themselves. Also the doubting of their actions in life will eventually bring doubt into your own life, cause you teach it.

Simply overlook the mistakes and address attention towards what is here and now. About the past… just forget about it and remember: What you give out is what you get back. Give love, support and honesty.

With love 0 I am


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