Identification vs Awareness – YOU ARE THE MASTER!

This can help you today! Right here right now.

So on the journey in switching from personality to awareness, new lessons comes about. Here is the one I would love share today:

As awareness we perceived our mind and body functioning. When there comes a feeling or sensations we do not like, we can defend ourselves by projections or judgement. This however will only delude you awareness and actually giving away your greatness and almighty powers! Today the lesson is brought up by the following idea:

Have you noticed how your attention sometimes thrift around, getting caught by others or maybe even unintentionally controlled by your surroundings? While we have a dog here at home, she found out that when she barks or snaps after us, we bring our immediate attention to her and correcting this behavior. AND SHE LOVES ATTENTION! ;), so this became one of her ways to claim it. Instead of this, using the feeling we get there, which is a sort of anger mixed with the fear of body injury and the irritation of the loud sounds, simply say “no” to her, then switch or you might say keep attention to what is present again! Giving her no attention on this behalf and simply discern the dog afterwards. 

The lesson is to show the dog, your surroundings that you are the master of attention and all feelings are okay. Even anger can be present without attack! Manifesting NO / discernment instead of reactions towards irritation and judgement.

 As awareness we experience many sensations everyday, we do not pay much attention to them, cause simply we do not identify! When we identify or judge the feeling becomes a struggle or a battle. Identifying means either you like the feeling or you do not, either the feeling is good or bad. Let go of these judgement and simply feel it, express it and let go again. 

Awareness simply is. Re-state your position towards mind and body by understanding and see clearly. Here lies your freedom and potential!


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