Body Diary – 5 days with workout and cognitive exercises DONE!

Hi everyone,

If you’re new to the blog here, its purpose this first month is to show and tell, how transformation of the body, mind is done. Its given to you, by example and honesty in my attempts for reaching goals. Also failures and how to cope with the fear, the pressure is described. I write everyday, to learn with you!

There is a diet plan/dairy and an exercise plan/diary in the blog. Including thoughts and lessons learned as we go along.

Ask me any questions, comments regarding to diet, mind, soul and awareness. And I will happily give you my honest and supportive answer!

Lets get to it. So the progress of the goals, the diet for vegan yeah 4 days instead of 5 though. Is accomplished. Stamina is raised and next week, calls for adding running after each body workout.

Experience for now is: Highly energetic in the morning up till 18 – 19 O’clock. Then everything starts to slow down somewhat.  Tension is experienced in the body, especially around the neck and upper back.

I DARE YOU! – do the opposite in some areas of your life today: Example take a cold shower if used to hot, wash hands with cold water if used to hot. Eat so the stomach is not full if this is normal. Drink less water at the exercise or more.

To keep the day fresh, spontaneity is the key. This happens today, by stopping up in the daily doings. Sit down, and just let go of all intentions. Then open eyes and do the first thing that comes to mind. Do not let mind wander and come up with all its reasoning, maybe this is good because. Simply let yourself flow and JUST DO IT!


Here is the exercises for today and diet: Body Diary – 18. may

The map opens with adobe acrobat reader.

So thank you for now, rest in peace and remember everything comes from the inside out. The world is created from within.

0 I Am.



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