Body Diary, 16. may – Improvements starts to show

Hi everyone,

Welcoming to the update for today:

The day started out as early time 06:30. Waking up, ready to experience this wonderful day.

Some of the day is already planned, we have goals to achieve of exercise, yoga and some cognitive games. The first experience is some soreness in the legs and a tightened upper back / neck. Quickly starting up the yoga routine, moving around all ligaments and get the energy and blood flowing. After yoga a good breakfast is made, doing some house chores and simply remaining as the awareness all things are carried out, with a clear and empty mind. A presence of simply just being here, and observing how the body carries out the intentions and tasks. The emotions are many, and new sensations starts to be brought about. Oh what heaven it is to be open minded and see how everything is fresh and clean, not thinking about past nor future. After a walk with the dog “Faith”, I decided to have a “Remain as Awareness – Mooji” meditation. This really brings your attention into a silence and recognition with true beauty.

Remind your self, that all visitors, feelings, sensations can come,  BUT no sleep overs! Express them, experience them and let go!

Later on this day, in complex conversations and dialogues with my fellow beings, still a certain awareness is presence. Though also giving some sort of challenge to what is important and not. Some confusion can come about in discussions and arguments for what next step to take, according to company building. Here the approach,  is to settle down, give your self time to digest what went on, and really feel and reflect,  what makes sense to do next.

Planning things is one way of making a direction in life, though in reality nothing goes out as planned. The goals will be achieve perhaps, but the way is in truth unknown. “The mind might want it to be different…”

Pushing your self towards goals and missing the fun of it, is a misunderstanding of life and its true potential. You can ask your self,  Why do it fast?

Hasty work is messy work. Do it slow in your own tempo and let the rest of your thoughts of concern go.

I am the way, let the Universe take care of the rest!

Here is a map of the diet and exercises for today, accomplished one day of  vegan diet, correcting the mistakes from yesterday ;):

Now its time for a retreat within, again accompanied with “Remain as Awareness – Mooji” meditation, link:




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